Table 4

Adverse events

Total adverse events163200363
Median (lower–upper quartile)3 (2–6)4 (2–6)4 (2–6)
Adverse events leading to study device interruption71017
Adverse events leading to study device discontinuation23*5
Serious adverse events (all causes) (all resulted in hospitalisation)14 (6 patients)27 (7 patients)41 (13 patients)
Serious adverse events due to PE (all resulted in hospitalisation)6 (6 patients)19 (14 patients25 (20 patients)
  • *One adverse event led to study device discontinuation because it coincided with the end of the study for that subject.

  • HFCWO, high frequency chest wall oscillation; PE, pulmonary exacerbation; PEP, positive expiratory pressure.