In the last 2 weeks…All of the timeMost of the timeA good bit of the timeSome of the timeA little of the timeHardly any of the timeNone of the time
1I have felt frustrated1234567
2I have had trouble concentrating1234567
3I have lacked motivation1234567
4I have felt tired1234567
5I have felt anxious1234567
6I have felt aches and pains in my muscles/joints1234567
7I have felt embarrassed1234567
8I have worried about my weight1234567
9I have worried about my sarcoidosis1234567
In the last 2 weeks…A huge amountConsiderable amountA moderate amountA Modest amountA small amountA tiny amountNone at all
10Tiredness has interfered with my normal social activities such as going out with friends/family1234567