Table 2

Associations between adult onset asthma and ever working in a mutually exclusive ASJEM exposure risk group by age 42

Adult onset asthmaAdult onset asthma with airflow limitation‡
Exposure groupCase/total†OROR*95% CIp ValueCase/total†OR*95% CIp Value
Ever a low-risk exposure (but never a high-risk)163/20870.991.200.94 to 1.520.14729/17011.210.69 to 2.130.497
Ever a high-risk exposure (but never a low-risk exposure)66/5951.461.531.12 to 2.090.00710/4841.310.62 to 2.800.472
Worked in both low-risk jobs and in high-risk jobs235/25421.191.341.07 to 1.680.01048/21311.480.89 to 2.470.131
  • Bold type indicates conventional levels of statistical significance (p<0.05).

  • *Adjusted for sex, smoking, father's social class at birth, region and hay fever.

  • †309 individuals who had provided insufficient information to be certain regarding exposure status for their entire working life were excluded (257 without lung function measures)

  • ‡Those with asthma but no airflow limitation were coded ‘no’ for this analysis.