Table 2

Trough FEV1: treatment comparisons versus placebo at week 6

FEV1 (ml)PlaceboPH-797804 dose
0.5 mg3 mg6 mg10 mg
Raw mean change from baseline−431838374
SD of change from baseline160128235192201
Estimated change from baseline*−527344115
95% CrI for change from baseline(−110 to 6)(−62 to 82)(−17 to 86)(−2 to 85)(−42 to 73)
Estimated difference from placebo59859266
95% CrI of effect over placebo(−23 to 149)(8 to 164)(18 to 166)(−17 to 151)
Probability of effect >0 ml†0.9270.9840.9920.945
Probability of effect >75 ml ‡0.3310.6010.6730.408
  • *The estimates are derived from the fitted statistical Bayesian model (normal dynamic linear model).

  • †A value>0.95 indicates statistical significance.

  • ‡A value>0.5 indicates that the magnitude of effect is of interest.

  • CrI, credible interval (ie, Bayesian CI); FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s.