Table 1

Characteristics of cases and controls

Cases(n=6665)Controls (n=26660)
Sex (% men)3 240 (48.6%)12 957 (48.6%)
Age (years)70.2±14.170.2±14.1
No of years of follow-up (years)4.2±4.04.2±4.0
In the previous year:
Hospitalisation for COPD and/or asthma, %31.09.0
Number of hospitalisations1.1±1.40.3±0.8
Drugs possibly linked to ILD5.7±19.75.2±20.1
Respiratory drugs8.3±14.85.5±12.9
Inhaled corticosteroids3.8±9.32.0±7.1
Oral corticosteroids2.4±10.50.6±5.4
Cardiac drugs. %57.152.6
Antidepressant drugs, %17.114.8
NSAIDs, %35.333.8
Narcotics, %7.24.6
Antirheumatic drugs, %4.10.7
Other drugs, %17.01.0
  • Results given either as percentage or mean±SD.

  • ILD, interstitial lung disease; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.