Table 1

Association of adult onset asthma with ever having worked in ISCO-coded occupation (61 occupations tested, 18 reaching conventional levels of significance)

Adult onset asthmaAdult onset asthma with airflow limitation†
OccupationCase/totalOROR*95% CIp Valueq ValueCase/totalOR*95% CIp Value
Reference group170/22171.001.0029/18641.00
5122-Cooks42/3671.561.521.05 to 2.190.0250.1778/3101.450.64 to 3.240.372
5123-Waiters, waitresses and bartenders78/6671.601.501.12 to 2.010.0070.05517/5631.640.88 to 3.080.122
5133-Home-based personal care workers60/4042.101.941.40 to 2.69<0.0010.00211/3551.670.81 to 3.460.164
5141-Hairdressers, barbers, beauticians32/2182.071.881.24 to 2.850.0030.0271/176
5169-Protective services workers14/1301.451.901.05 to 3.430.0340.1433/111
6130-Market-oriented crop and animal producers10/572.564.262.06 to 8.80<0.0010.0022/48
7232-Aircraft engine mechanics and fitters5/302.413.811.41 to 10.310.0080.0561/27
7341-Compositors, typesetters10/602.413.041.49 to 6.180.0020.0253/51
8263-Sewing machine operators19/1332.011.931.14 to 3.260.0140.0884/1041.920.64 to 5.730.243
9130-Cleaners unspecified20/1561.771.580.95 to 2.630.0780.2342/125
9131-Domestic helpers and cleaners16/1131.991.791.02 to 3.140.0440.1543/91
9132-Helpers and cleaners in offices, hotels70/5161.891.821.34 to 2.48<0.0010.00217/4312.251.19 to 4.240.012
9133-Hand-launderers and pressers8/502.292.261.03 to 4.980.0430.154
9151-Messengers, package and luggage porters and deliverers12/1031.592.061.09 to 3.900.0260.1172/87
9152-Doorkeepers, watchpersons13/822.272.591.37 to 4.870.0030.0275/655.001.81 to 13.850.002
9313-Building construction labourers18/2081.141.921.12 to 3.270.0170.0973/176
9320-Manufacturing labourers30/1982.152.551.66 to 3.93<0.0010.0017/1612.861.20 to 6.810.017
9322-Hand packers and other manufacturing labourers22/1701.791.661.02 to 2.700.0400.1549/1264.121.85 to 9.170.001
  • Each effect estimate is from a separate model with the reference group being individuals who had always worked in office-based occupations. Note that the groups are not mutually exclusive and are not adjusted for exposure to any of the other agents in the table.

  • Bold type indicates conventional levels of statistical significance (p<0.05).

  • The q value corresponds to the minimum false discovery rate at which the test may be called significant (q<0.05).

  • *Adjusted for sex, smoking, father's social class at birth, region and hay fever.

  • †Those with asthma but no airflow limitation were coded ‘no’ for this analysis.

  • ASJEM, Asthma Specific Job Exposure Matrix; ISCO, International Standard Classification of Occupations.