Table 5

Population attributable fraction (PAF) of lifetime occupational exposures for adult onset asthma by age 42

Exposure categoriesPrevalence*PAF (%)95% CI (%)
Considering individual exposures
 Non-exposed1864 (26.3%)
 Ever a low-risk exposure (but never a high-risk)2087 (29.4%)4.0−1.5 to 9.2
 Ever a high-risk exposure (but never a low-risk))595 (8.4%)3.40.7 to 6.0
 Worked in both low-risk jobs and in high-risk jobs2542 (35.9%)8.92.0 to 15.3
Considering all exposures combined
 Exposure to any occupation exposure (low, high or both)5224 (73.7%)16.33.8 to 27.1
  • *309 individuals who had provided insufficient information to be certain regarding exposure status for their entire working life were excluded.

  • ASJEM, Asthma Specific Job Exposure Matrix.