Table 6

Characteristics of GOLD II COPD patients during exacerbation or in stable condition

Exacerbated COPD (n=17)Stable COPD (n=26)p Value
Age, years68.0±15.070.0±9.000.253
BMI, kg/m221.8±7.6323.0±5.000.560
CRP, mg/dl0.700±6.250.200±0.4000.056
Leucocyte count, /μl8100±85756600±24000.093
SAA, μg/ml12.1±383.65.95±8.600.067
D-dimer, μg/ml0.870±1.430.880±1.470.821
Pack years smoking index, median (range)50 (20–60)37.5 (0–80)0.218
VE-cadherin EMPs434.5±294.0140.3±174.9 <0.001
PECAM EMPs2691.0±1440.01742.1±1570.2 0.004
E-selectin EMPs329.7±390.126.7±118.8 <0.001
MCAM EMPs155.0±119.4114.0±76.10.249
  • Bold denotes values: p < 0.05.

  • Values are the median±IQR unless stated otherwise.