Abstract P245 Table 1
East and West YorkshireSouth Yorkshire
Mean Improvement score (SD)% Improvementp valueMean Improvement score (SD)% improvementp value
Confidence in knowing the indications for bronchoscopy0.6 (0.63)12.00.0070.7 (0.72)13.40.008
Confidence in knowing the contra-indications for bronchoscopy1.0 (1.06)20.00.0070.6 (0.74)12.00.013
Confidence in accurately identifying all normal anatomy1.1 (0.52)22.6<0.0010.8 (0.77)16.00.006
Confidence in knowing the complications for bronchoscopy0.7 (0.72)13.40.0080.5 (0.64)9.40.020
Confidence in knowing the safe limits of conscious sedation1.2 (1.08)24.00.0030.9 (1.03)18.60.008
Confidence in technical ability in handling the bronchoscope1.1 (0.64)22.60.0011.1 (1.03)21.40.004
Confidence in consenting the patient and quoting accurate complication rates---1.0 (1.06)20.00.007
Confidence with the correct dosage of lidocaine when anaesthetising the airways---1.3 (1.23)26.60.003
Confidence in using the appropriate sampling technique for each suspected pathology---1.5 (0.99)29.40.002