Table 3

Association of allergic rhinitis to Asthma Control Questionnaire (ACQ) score < or ≥1.0 (indicating well or incompletely controlled asthma, respectively), adjusted for treatment for allergic rhinitis, in 203 patients with asthma with allergic rhinitis symptoms

OR* (95% CI)p Value
Unadjusted2.74 (1.28 to 5.91)0.0081
Adjusted for any treatment for allergic rhinitis2.41 (1.08 to 5.39)0.033
Adjusted for use of oral antihistamines2.62 (1.22 to 5.67)0.014
Adjusted for use of nasal corticosteroids0.72 (0.47 to 1.12)0.150
  • * OR for ACQ ≥1.0 (incompletely controlled asthma) in patients with allergic rhinitis compared with those without allergic rhinitis.