Table 1

Classification of surgical procedures according to Office of Population, Censuses and Surveys Classification of Surgical Operations and Procedures, fourth revision codes

Surgical procedureCodeNumber
 Total pneumonectomyE5414201
 Bilobectomy of lungE5421074
 Lobectomy of lungE54316544
Wedge resection
 Excision of segment of lungE54416 80
 Partial lobectomy of lung NECE5452152
Sleeve resection
 Sleeve resection of bronchus and anastomosis HFQE461211
 Open excision of lesion of tracheaE39121
 Other specified partial excision of tracheaE3987
 Unspecified partial excision of tracheaE3991
 Excision of carinaE44112
 Other specified excision of lungE548124
 Unspecified excision of lungE549179
 Open excision of lesion of lungE552460
 Unspecified open extirpation of lesion of lungE5592
 Excision of lesion of chest wallT013126
 Insertion of prosthesis into chest wall NECT0235