Table 2

Verbal category descriptive cough scores and cough resolution post intervention

Treatment group (n=25)Placebo group (n=25)p Value
Cough resolution, n (%)12 (48)4 (16)0.015
VCD score at end of treatment, median (IQR)0.5 (0.0–2.0)2.25 (1.15–2.9)0.02
VCD score at end of study on day 28, median (IQR)0.0 (0.0–1.5)1.0*(0.0–2.4)0.17*
Change in VCD score, median (IQR)1.5 (0.0–2.5)0.5 (−0.4–1.0)0.02
  • * Placebo group had access to antibiotics after day 14.

  • End-treatment minus baseline VCD score.

  • VCD, verbal descriptive category score.17