Table 3

Actigraphy analysed sleep parameters for the first week following initiation of NIV compared with the first week following the 3-month assessment in the AVAPS (n=14) and fixed-level PS (n=15) arms

Baselinep ValueFollow-upp Value
AVAPSFixed-level PSAVAPSFixed-level PS
TST (min)341±80352±780.713321±52346±750.302
WASO%TST (%)23±1123±170.98727±1620±130.185
Latency (min)5±38±70.1644±25±60.577
Efficiency (%)80±780±130.89479±981±90.416
  • The p value refers to comparison between interventions at each time point by independent t test.

  • AVAPS, average-volume-assured pressure support; PS, pressure support; TST, total sleep time; WASO%TST, wake after sleep onset as a % of TST.