Table 1

Characteristics of 80 COPD patients in stable condition and 20 healthy non-COPD volunteers

Non-COPD volunteers (n=20)Stable COPD (n=80)p Value
Age, years69.0±11.073.0±10.00.126
Sex, male/female17/365/150.696
Body mass index, kg/m2 24.2±3.4422.1±4.470.051
Lung function
 FEV1, L2.72±0.581.66±1.00 <0.001
 FEV1/FVC ratio, %77.3±6.2056.4±25.2 <0.001
 Predicted FEV1, %97.6±16.171.6±40.9 <0.001
LAA scores (n=83), median (range)4 (1–10)13 (2–24)<0.001
Physiological parameters
 Systolic blood pressure, mm Hg118.0±21.0122.0±21.00.425
 Diastolic blood pressure, mm Hg61.0±11.068.0±12.50.319
PaO2, mm Hg (at sample correction)82.3±4.0080.0±10.50.379
Traditional risk factors
 Pack-years smoking index, median (range)27.75 (1–100)40 (0–90)0.372
 Total cholesterol, mg/dl189.5±33.5193.0±37.80.607
 Fasting glucose, mg/dl104.5±18.5100.0±15.50.505
Inflammatory markers
 CRP, mg/dl0.100±0.0000.200±0.3000.084
 Leucocyte counts, /μl6100±18206300±20000.613
  • Bold denotes values: p < 0.05.

  • Values are the median±IQR unless stated otherwise.

  • Difference in the distribution of gender between the two groups was analysed using the χ2 test. Differences in other parameters were analysed using Mann–Whitney U test.