Table 2

Comparison of oximetry–capnometry measurements prior to discharge following automated AVAPS setup and protocolised fixed-level PS setup

AVAPSFixed-level PSp Value
4% ODI (events/h)22±1622±170.517
Mean SpO2 (%)92±392±30.552
%TST <90% (%)20±2115±200.630
Mean tcCO2 (kPa)7.1±0.77.2±10.952
Max tcCO2 (kPa)8.4±0.88.4±1.60.980
  • The p value refers to comparison between interventions by independent t test.

  • AVAPS, average-volume-assured pressure support; % ODI, 4% oxygen desaturation index; PS, pressure support; SpO2, oxygen saturation of haemoglobin; tcCO2, transcutaneous carbon dioxide; %TST <90%, % total sleep time with SpO2 under 90%.