Table 7

Actigraphy (n=28) and anthropometric variables (n=46) at baseline and 3-month follow-up

BaselineFollow-up at 3 monthsp Value
Weight (kg)141±28137±280.001
Fat-free mass (kg)70±1769±170.593
Fat mass (kg)70±2167±190.041
Waist circumference (cm)142±15140±160.003
Mean activity counts (counts/day)232±100263±940.016
Max activity counts (counts/day)1797±5072100±5530.006
Immobile time (min/day)201±93161±840.028
Mobile time (min/day)771±86785±1100.417
  • Actigraphy analysed for the first week at home following initiation of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) compared with the first week following the 3-month assessment of NIV.