Table 4

Knowledge of warning signs for lung cancer

SymptomRecall (open question)Recognition (prompted list)
Unexplained weight loss1047.0108473.0
Persistent chest infection352.4109773.9
Cough that does not go away775.293663.0
Shortness of breath54937.0123383.1
Persistent tiredness926.296965.3
Persistent chest pain20013.8110974.7
Persistent shoulder pain20.147431.9
Coughing up blood31020.9135791.5
Ache or pain when breathing30.2113176.2
Loss of appetite221.581254.7
Painful cough20.1117679.3
Changes in shape of finger (nail)0030820.7
High-pitched sound when breathing946.491661.7
Change in existing cough30.2114777.3