Table 1

Patient characteristics at cohort entry for the entire cohort defined by the first hospitalisation for a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbation, for those patients with subsequent COPD exacerbations and for those who died during follow-up

Entire cohortAt least one subsequent exacerbationDeaths
Number73 10633 16650 580
Age at cohort entry (years; mean±SD)75.4±8.473.9±7.976.4±8.1
Men (%)54.556.759.0
Cohort entry after year 2000 (%)42.532.028.2
Respiratory medications in the year prior to cohort entry* (%)
 Short-acting β agonists80.087.181.6
 Long-acting β agonists15.514.410.1
 Ipratropium bromide46.651.946.4
 Inhaled corticosteroids59.465.958.0
 Oral corticosteroids33.538.732.2
 Respiratory antibiotics60.363.061.4
Modified Chronic Disease Score* (%)
 First quartile24.824.725.3
 Second quartile25.127.025.5
 Third quartile25.125.825.2
 Fourth quartile25.022.524.0
  • * At least one dispensed prescription among the 94% of patients with available medication information in the year prior to cohort entry.