Table 3

Comparison between two published ranges (5th–95th percentiles) of α1-antitrypsin serum levels according to different phenotypes (PI),1 one in μM and one in g/litre,6 and the range, according to different genotypes (PI*), as deduced by our analysis2

Phenotype–genotypeUnitsReference ranges1Present paper2
PI MM–PI*MMμM20–4820.2–31.5
PI SS–PI*SSμM15–3314.0–20.4
PI MZ–PI*MZμM17–3312.7–19.2
PI SZ–PI*SZμM8–169.4–12.7
  • The g/litre values in our analysis were mathematically converted to μM, based on a molecular weight of 52 kDa. Note that the PI*MS data are not present because this genotype was not included in the original American Thoracic Society/European Respiratory Society guidelines.