Table 2

Prevalence rates (%) of allergic sensitisation and allergic and respiratory morbidity in the French 6 Cities Study in the entire sample population (n=6590) and in the restricted sample of children who had a clinical examination during the same week as air quality assessments (n=4643)

All (n=6590)Restricted sample (n=4643)
Health outcomeBoysGirlsp ValueAllBoysGirlsp ValueAll
During air pollution assessment
Past year (current)
 Allergic asthma5.42.6<0.00014.26.22.9<0.00014.7
 Non-allergic asthma2.81.80.01112.
SPT positivity
 All allergens32.723.8<0.000128.033.325.3<0.000129.2
 Indoor allergens24.517.6<0.000121.022.418.7<0.000122.0
 Outdoor allergens14.810.0<0.000112.414.710.90.000212.8
 Moulds allergens3.71.8<0.00012.73.81.7<0.00012.7
  • EIA, exercise-induced asthma; SPT, skin prick test.