Table 5

Mortality by country and setting due to community-acquired pneumonia in Europe

SettingInvestigatorCase-fatality rate
FinlandJokinen et al34% overall; 11% ≥60 years; 0.6% 15–59 years; highest men ≥60 years
FranceFantin et al783.8%
Community and hospital
SpainAlmirall et al695.0%
ItalyViegi et al716.0%; hospitalised > outpatients
SpainVila-Corcoles et al812.7% overall; 2% outpatients, 15% hospitalised
SpainOchoa-Gondar et al70 *12.7%; increased with age
GermanyKothe et al96.3% overall; 2.2% <65 years, 10.3% ≥65 years
EnglandVenkatesan et al5033%
DenmarkNielsen et al7717%, all >65 years (range 21–92 years)
SpainRello et al4422.4%
DenmarkOstergaard and Andersen396.3%
The NetherlandsBohte et al138%
SpainPallares et al6328%
SwitzerlandJanssens et al7914%
GermanyHoltermann et al8031%
SpainEwig et al6411% immunocompetent; 9% immunosuppressed15% antibiotic-resistant; 6% antibiotic-sensitive strains
FranceGeorges et al2227.5%
ItalyLogroscino et al812.8%; mortality increased with disease severity according to Fine risk categories
SpainArancibia et al8243%
SpainMonge et al752.7% <65 years; 11.6% ≥65 years
SwitzerlandGarbino et al218%
FranceJehl et al5816.3%
SpainCelis et al6%
SpainNunez Fernandez et al61Age <60 years: 6.6%; age ≥60 years: 15.7%; PSI score associated >140
PortugalFroes414.0%; increased with age
SpainAspa et al6714.4%
The NetherlandsBraun et al1217.8%
SpainFalco et al669.9–13.7%, related to antibiotic susceptibility
ItalyRossi et al24Overall: 11.2%; age ≥65 years: 13.8%
SpainMartinez-Moragon et al3711%; Fine severity score associated
SpainMenendez et al835.6%
FrancePaganin et al4243%
SpainRoson et al464% early treatment response; 27% early treatment failure
FranceBonnard et al5932%; associated with PSI scores of 90 and 130
IrelandFoley et al842% <65 years; 11.5% >65 years
SpainValles et al627%
England and WalesMelegaro et al73Range: 1–20% age related
EnglandTrotter et al5Range: 24.8–28.2% related to year (1997–1998 to 2004–2005)
EnglandAlkhayer et al8528%
SpainTorres et al4922%
UKBTS Research Committee1448%
France (ICU and ID unit)Leroy et al3528.5%
FranceMoine et al3835%
FranceLeroy et al8619% <65 years; 30% ≥65 years (CAP attributable)
SpainRello et al8711.1–44.7% related to antibiotic regimen
SpainRello et al4323.5%; age associated
  • BTS, British Thoracic Society; CAP, community-acquired pneumonia; ICU, intensive care unit; ID, infectious disease; PSI, pneumonia severity index.

  • * Includes ICU.