Table 1

Paired comparisons of anthropometric and CT-measured variables at baseline and after a 24-week weight loss programme

VariableNBaseline24 weeksp Value
AHI (events/h)*5441.0 (27.2–56.3)26.1 (14.9–38.0)<0.001
 Weight (kg)54107.5±11.899.7±12.6<0.001
 Neck circumference (cm)5444.6±2.443.2±2.5<0.001
 Waist circumference (cm)53116.0±8.1108.0±9.2<0.001
Upper airway
 Length (cm)5110.0±0.89.9±0.80.325
 Volume (cm3)5118.8±5.719.7±6.00.224
 Minimum CSA (cm2)*510.7 (0.4–0.9)0.8 (0.5–1.0)0.033
 Mean CSA (cm2)*511.4 (1.0–1.7)1.7 (1.4–2.1)0.002
 Lateral diameter (cm)481.5±0.51.7±0.50.009
 AP diameter (cm)480.8±0.30.9±0.20.125
 Minimum CSA (cm2)*511.1 (0.7–1.7)1.1 (0.7–1.5)0.978
 Mean CSA (cm2)*512.2 (1.7–2.8)2.1 (1.5–2.7)0.494
 Lateral diameter (cm)502.4±0.72.2±0.80.220
 AP diameter (cm)501.4±0.51.3±0.50.057
 Minimum CSA (cm2)*511.0 (0.6–1.4)1.0 (0.5–1.3)0.763
 Mean CSA (cm2)*511.9 (1.4–2.3)1.9 (1.5–2.4)0.512
Regional fat
 Mid-face fat volume (cm3)4786.1±17.178.3±15.8<0.001
 Lower face fat volume (cm3)4797.8±34.889.5±32.6<0.001
 Fat pad volume (cm3)*423.5 (2.3–5.0)2.9 (2.7–4.4)<0.001
 Fat pad distance (cm)423.7±0.63.8±0.60.082
 VAT (cm3)52142.9±36.5117.0±37.2<0.001
 SCAT (cm3)51216.4±53.8184.8±52.5<0.001
Hyoid position
 H–PNS distance (cm)547.5±0.87.4±0.80.009
 H–Gn distance (cm)535.0±0.55.0±0.50.222
 H–C3 distance (cm)544.3±0.54.2±0.50.021
  • * Data are presented as mean±SD or median (IQR) where data were not normally distributed and non-parametric tests were used.

  • AP, anteroposterior diameter; AHI, apnoea-hypopnoea index; C3, C3 vertebrae; CSA, cross-sectional area; Gn, gnathion; H, hyoid; L, lateral diameter; PNS, posterior nasal spine; SCAT, abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue; VAT, abdominal visceral adipose tissue.