Abstract P54 Table 1

Summary of sub-group analysis for the years 2007–2009 comparing cases referred to the rapid access clinic with those diagnosed by other (non-rapid referral) pathways

Rapid access (n=288)Other pathways to diagnosis (n=300)Statistical significance (p value; χ2 test)
Male gender (%)54.251.2>0.05
Mean age (years)36.441.6>0.05
Age groups (years)
 Indian sub-continent191226>0.05
Disease type
 Pulmonary smear negative41.616.20.03
 Pulmonary smear positive32.035.4>0.05
Average duration of symptoms (days)
 Pulmonary smear negative80.4100.1>0.05
 Pulmonary smear positive60.295.90.03
Contact tracing
 % Associated with contacts81.690>0.05
 Mean number of contacts4.574.91>0.05