Table 1

Variation in hypoxia and hypercapnia definition used between CF centres in the UK and Australasia (16 centres were unsure of the definitions)

Frequent desaturations <90%Petco2 >6.7 kPa
Baseline Sao2 <93%CO2 >6.7 kPa for >25% sleep study
Spo2 <90% for >10% sleep studyTcco2 rise to 6.7 kPa or rise by 0.9 kPa during sleep
Spo2 <92% for >5% sleep studyCO2 >7 kPa
  • CO2, carbon dioxide; Petco2, end tidal carbon dioxide pressure; Saco2, arterial oxygen saturations; Spco2, non-invasive oxygen saturations; Tcco2, transcutaneous carbon dioxide pressure.