Table 1

MIRU-VNTR profiles of clusters identified by MIRU-VNTR fingerprinting with 15 loci and their prevalence in the UK Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strain Typing Database (STD)

ClusterMIRU-VNTR profileETRNumber of isolatesCommentsPrevalence in STD
1*2223251533234142Unique profile not otherwise in STD
2*2231251533223249118 matching isolates
32233151533243242Both South Asian6 matching isolates
42233251533245242Both South Asian312 matching isolates (12 loci)
5223425173533NA242Both South Asian24 matching isolates (12 loci)
62241251633243232Both South Asian45 matching isolates
72243251433232237All white, linked to a pub1 matching isolate
82243251433254233All white, linked to a pub11 matching isolates
9*2243251533233245161 matching isolates
102243251633253233All white, linked to a pub2 matching isolates
112243251633254234All white, linked to a pubUnique profile not in STD
122243261633262242Both South Asian1 matching isolate
132244251733234223All South Asian9 matching isolates
142244251735335225Unique profile not otherwise in STD
15*2251251133223242174 matching isolates
16*225225173533322212 matching isolates (12 loci)
17*2253131533233232151 matching isolates
182253251333234222South Asian family, linked38 matching isolates
192254211635335222Both South AsianUnique profile not otherwise in STD
202254251435334222Both South Asian26 matching isolates
212254251735314224All South Asian24 matching isolates
222254251735333223All South Asian19 matching isolates
2322542517353342213All South Asian426 matching isolates
242254251735335225All South Asian1 matching isolate
25*225425173533Null222103 matching isolates (14 loci)
262254251835334222Both South Asian41 matching isolates
272262251735334222Both South Asian3 matching isolates
282264251525235222South Asian, family linkedUnique profile not otherwise in STD
292264251635234222Both South Asian3 matching isolates
302264251733323222Both South Asian1 matching isolate
312264251734234223All South Asian186 matching isolates
322264251734235223All South Asian3 matching isolates
332264251734234222Both South Asian186 matching isolates
342264251734244222Both South Asian32 matching isolates
352264251735314222Both South Asian26 matching isolates
362264251735324222Both South Asian38 matching isolates
372264251735325222Both South AsianUnique profile not otherwise in STD
382264251735334225All South Asian183 matching isolates
392264251735335225All South Asian1 matching isolate
40*22642518353142227 matching isolates
412274251735224222Both South AsianUnique profile not otherwise in STD
422274251735324225All South AsianUnique profile not otherwise in STD
4324432622153310442Both South Asian2 matching isolates
442443272234266142Both South AsianUnique profile not otherwise in STD
452543262235137NA22Both South AsianUnique profile not otherwise in STD
462543262236336142Both South AsianUnique profile not otherwise in STD
47*27432622363361422 matching isolates
482743282235347142Both South AsianUnique profile not otherwise in STD
  • * Interracial clusters.

  • Cluster 25 profile. 103 isolates in STD with the ETR A locus as a ‘null’ negative allele result. Appears to be a peculiarity of this strain. Clusters 4, 5, 16, 29, 34, and 43 are included because they were indistinguishable at 12 MIRU-VNTR loci. At the time of analysis (March 2010) there were 24 869 records on the STD, from Newcastle RCM (3981), Birmingham RCM (7341), London MRU (7769), Scottish SRML (1598), Welsh Reference Lab (1526), and the London Study 1995–7 (2654).

  • ETR, exact tandem repeat; MIRU, mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit; NA, no amplification; STD, Strain Typing Database; VNTR, variable number tandem repeat.