Table 3

Risk factors for asymptomatic TB disease

Univariate analysisMultivariable analysis
ORp ValueOR (95% CI)p Value
CD4 cell count/mm30.9960.0350.996 (0.992 to 1.000)0.060
Tuberculin skin test ≥5 mm2.770.0814.96 (0.990 to 17.662)0.064
Days since HIV-1 diagnosis1.000.0951.006 (0.999 to 1.010)0.056
Age (years)1.020.496
Male sex0.800.732
Body mass index0.920.112
History of previous TB1.890.293
BCG scar presence0.820.699
Contact with TB1.200.756
Alcohol consumption2.020.190
Time in Khayelitsha >5 years1.160.808