Table 1

Criteria for dose adjustment of oral corticosteroids in the internet-based management group with corresponding dose steps

Panel A
Δ ACQ ≥+0.5Δ ACQ <+0.5
ΔFENO >+10 ppb and >10%
ΔFENO >+10 ppb and ≤10%=
−10≤ ΔFENO ≤+10 ppb=
ΔFENO <−10 ppb
Panel B
Maintenance dose (mg/day)Dose steps (mg/day)
>25Increase or decrease 10 mg
20–25Increase or decrease 5 mg
10–20Increase or decrease 2.5 mg
<10Increase or decrease 2.5 mg every other day
  • Panel A shows the criteria for dose adjustment of prednisone based on daily FENO values and weekly ACQ score. Panel B shows the dose steps for the adjustment of prednisone maintenance dose. Δ ACQ= difference of Asthma Control Questionnaire scores between 2 weeks. Δ FENO= difference of mean fraction of exhaled nitric oxide between 2 weeks (in parts per billion). ↑denotes increase of prednisone dose by one step; = denotes no change in prednisone dose; ↓denotes decrease in prednisone dose by one dose step.