Table 2

Patient characteristics, epidemiological links and results of enhanced mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit (MIRU) (nine loci) typing for possible inter-racial clusters identified using 15 locus MIRU variable number tandem repeat (VNTR) typing

Cluster numberYear of isolationPatient characteristics (age)Site of isolation (smear/culture result)*Epidemiological linksEnhanced MIRU typing (nine loci)
12003White female (65)PeritoneumNo known connection222422353
2003Asian male (51)Pulmonary (S+)222422353
22002Asian female (36)Cervical glandNo known connectionNot tested
2004White male (42)Pulmonary (S+)224423542
2005White male (29)Spinal diseaseAll linked by residence in hostel/and or a group of alcohol and/or drug users224423542
2007White male (55)Pulmonary (S+)224423542
2007White female (35)Pulmonary (S+)224423542
2007White female (24)Pulmonary (S+)224423542
2007White male (78)Pulmonary (C+)224423542
2009White male (37)Pulmonary (S+)224423542
2009White female (43)Pulmonary (S+)224423542
92005White male (25)Pulmonary (S+)Cases 1, 3, and 4 linked socially244443441
2006Asian male (33)Pulmonary (C+)434343312
2006White male (38)Pulmonary (S+)244413341
2008White female (49)Pulmonary (S+)244413343
2008White male (33)Pulmonary (S+)244443441
152004Asian male (30)Pulmonary (S+)Both Asian males shared accommodation and went to same college. Case 3 shared some classes132443383
2004Asian male (43)Pulmonary (S+)132443383
2005White male (18)Pulmonary (S+)132443383
162001White male (35)Pulmonary (S+)No known connectionNot tested
2004Asian female (58)Cervical gland44242337A§
172004White male (73)Pulmonary (S+)Not connected. Asian case isoniazid mono-resistance, white case fully susceptible.135243573
2004Asian female (36)Dactylitis226243172
252002Asian male (33)Pulmonary (S+)No known connection563423384
2002White male (49)Pulmonary (C+)Not tested
2004Asian male (18)Cervical gland-4-423384
402006Asian female (19)Pulmonary (S+)No known connection442423384
2007White male (74)Pulmonary (S+)442423384
472004White male (70)Cervical glandNo known connection2-4313461
2004Asian male (43)Ankle2-4313461
  • NB. All cases with non-respiratory disease had normal chest x-rays.

  • * Smear/culture result: S+, sputum microscopy positive; C+, sputum microscopy negative, culture positive.

  • Enhanced MIRU typing: MIRU loci 424, 1955, 2163b, 2347, 2401, 3171, 3690, 4052, 4156.

  • Not tested: insufficient DNA extract to perform additional typing; -, no PCR amplification for this locus.

  • § A=10 repeats.