Table 3

Response to pulmonary rehabilitation (PR)

Before PRAfter PRChangep ValueEffect size (d)
CAT (n=297)20.5±7.417.5±7.7−2.9±5.6<0.0010.4
HAD anxiety (n=211)7.3±4.26.1±4.1−1.3±3.3<0.0010.3
HAD depression (n=211)6.7±3.65.2±3.2−1.5±3.0<0.0010.4
CRQ total (n=195)14.9±4.118.2±4.23.3±3.8<0.001−0.8
ISWT (m) (n=191)238±148309±17570±83<0.001−0.4
MRC dyspnoea score (n=130)3.4±1.02.9±1.1−0.6±0.7<0.0010.6
6MWT (m) (n=68)267±94339±10572±74<0.001−0.7
CCQ (n=57)3.0±1.22.3±1.3−0.7±0.9<0.0010.6
SGRQ total (n=39)45.7±19.441.8±17.2−3.9±9.0<0.0010.2
ESWT (s) (n=36)294±215502±393208±470.001−0.7
  • Measures are presented in order of frequency with which they were measured.

  • p values are for paired t tests.

  • CAT, COPD assessment test; CCQ, Clinical COPD Questionnaire; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CRQ, chronic respiratory questionnaire; ESWT, endurance shuttle walk test; HAD, Hospital Anxiety and Depression score; ISWT, incremental shuttle walk test; MRC, Medical Research Council dyspnoea score; 6MWT, 6 min walk test; SGRQ, St George's Respiratory Questionnaire.