Table 1

Mean (SE) results from the pilot study for plasma Aα-Val360, myeloperoxidase (MPO) and calprotectin (CP) for subjects with normal alpha-1-antitrypsin (A1AT) and those with A1AT deficiency of the PiZ phenotype

Aα-Val360 (nM)MPO (nM)CP (nM)
BasalStimulatedp (basal vs stimulated)BasalStimulatedp (basal vs stimulated)BasalStimulatedp (basal vs stimulated)
Normal (n=12)3.64 (0.38)76.51 (6.03)1.02×10−715.57 (2.41)321.05 (34.95)2.67×10−669.92 (13.94)261.63 (29.42)3.32×10−4
PiZ (n=15)9.46 (1.06)157.43 (20.60)1.98×10−520.16 (2.77)291.40 (17.32)1.19×10−770.04 (18.28)287.05 (80.33)0.016
  • All values increased significantly following stimulation with the ionophore A23187. The Aα-Val360 values were higher in the A1AT-deficient samples both before and after stimulation compared with those from normal subjects.