Table 4

Multiple regression analyses

PCT level*Regression coefficient95% CIsp Value
Observed prevalence1.3251.204 to 1.459<0.001
IMD (deprivation) score1.0231.018 to 1.028<0.001
GPs/100000 population0.9950.991 to 1.0000.052
Practice nurses/100000 population0.9920.987 to 0.9960.001
Smoking prevalence1.023 (Ed)1.012 to 1.033<0.001
QOF PE70.6780.466 to 0.9850.042
Practice levelIncidence rate ratio95% CIsp Value
Observed prevalence1.2241.206 to 1.243<0.001
Undiagnosed prevalence1.0451.032 to 1.059<0.001
IMD (deprivation) score1.0091.006 to 1.012<0.001
Smoking prevalence1.0361.031 to 1.042<0.001
GPs/100000 population0.9980.998 to 0.999<0.001
QOF PE70.7900.730 to 0.855<0.001
QOF PE80.9020.850 to 0.9570.001
COPD clinical quality 8 (influenza immunisation) (Ed)0.8250.690 to 0.9870.036
  • * Stepwise linear regression. Adjusted R-squared=0.75. Dependent variable: admission rates for COPD.

  • Stepwise Poisson regression, Dependent variable: observed admission count.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; COPD 8, the percentage of patients with COPD who have had influenza immunisation in the preceding 1 September to 31 March; GP, general practitioner; IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation; PCT, primary care trust; PE7, score for ability to obtain a consultation within two working days; PE8, score for ability to book an appointment with a GP more than 2 days ahead; QOF, Quality and Outcomes Framework.