Table 3

Univariate analysis of survival with Cox proportional hazards regression models

ParameterHR95% CIp-Value
Age, year1.0110.964 to 1.0610.654
Male sex0.7370.220 to 2.4690.621
Overall extent1.0410.993 to 1.0920.098
GGO extent1.0380.978 to 1.1020.217
Reticulation extent1.0680.997 to 1.1440.061
Honeycombing extent2.1461.148 to 4.0130.017
Consolidation extent1.0740.943 to 1.2230.284
Fibrosis coarseness1.4801.100 to 1.9900.010
Traction bronchiectasis1.0530.889 to 1.2490.548
Baseline FVC, %pred0.9030.821 to 0.9940.038
Baseline DLco, %pred0.8050.530 to 1.2230.310
Baseline PaO20.9880.911 to 1.0710.766
  • GGO, ground glass opacity; DLco, diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide.