Table 5

Decline in FEV1 (ml/year) in relation to site of observed damps pots, stratified by sex

Males (N=1274)Females (N=1423)
No. exposedCoefficient (95% CI)*No. exposedCoeffficient (95% CI)*
Living room−24.612.92 (−6.34 to 12.17)−22.520.54 (−5.63 to 6.71)
Bedroom−24.45−4.82 (−12.50 to 2.85)−22.05−7.43 (−13.11 to −1.74)
Bathroom−24.65−2.11 (−8.69 to 4.47)−22.02−3.60 (−8.47 to 1.27)
  • * Fixed adjusted for mid-age, mid-age2, height, mid-BMI, change in BMI and smoking category defined according to both ECRHS I and ECRHS II, and centre as random effect.

  • BMI, body mass index; ECHRS, European Community Respiratory Health Survey; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s.