Table 1

REALM scores achieved by Sleep (n=86) and LF (n=30) group patients

REALM score rangesEquivalent reading age% Sleep group (n=86)% LF group (n=30)
US school gradeUK age equivalent
0–18Third grade or below8 years or less0.00.0
19–44*Fourth/sixth grade9–12 years1.23.3
45–60*Seventh/Eighth grade12–14 years15.16.7
61–66High school14–15+83.790.0
  • * A score ≤60 suggests a literacy level that would struggle to cope with patient education materials and prescription labels.

  • LF group, patients attending the Lung Function Laboratory; REALM, Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine; Sleep group, patients attending the Sleep Centre.