Table 3

Results of linear mixed models analysis for the cohort (change in FEV1 per unit change in covariable)

Estimated effects of specified increments in covariables: changes in FEV1 (ml)
CovariateIncrement or comparisonChange in FEV1 per unit change in covariable95% CIp Value
Study centreUtrecht vs Groningen+43.5−100 to 13.80.137
Years in studyPlus 1 year−65.6− 69.4 to −61.6<0.001
Smoking statusCurrent vs former−186.7−241.0 to −132.2<0.001
Age (years)Plus 1 year−36.2−41.3 to −31.1<0.001
Height (cm)Plus 1 cm+38.634.7 to 42.7<0.001
Pack-yearsPlus 1 year−5.16−6.62 to −3.68<0.001
HU 15th percentile at CTDecrease of 1 HU−4.75−3.30 to −6.10<0.001
  • FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; HU, Hounsfield Unit.