Table 1

Patient demographics

Systemic chemotherapy while IPC in situNo systemic chemotherapy while IPC in situ
Mean age (years)6067
Median duration IPC was in situ (days) (range)84 (11–487)66 (6–711)
Median duration IPC was in situ in patients in whom IPC was removed prior to death84 (11–239)82 (30–711)
No. of patients who died with IPC in situ (%)13 (57%)40 (68%)
Average time patient received chemotherapy while IPC was in situ (days) (range)68 (11–208) (∼2.5 cycles)
Pleural infections1 (4%)6 (10%)
Colonisation of IPC4 (17%)5 (8%)
  • IPC, indwelling pleural catheter.