Table 3

Infant correlation for purchase of asthma medication at age of 3 years for 50 children

Budesonide (mg)*Salbutamol (mg)*
Correlationp ValueCorrelationp Value
Infant lung function
 Abnormal0.3750.0070.4450.001Mann–Whitney U test
 sGaw (Z-score)−0.1680.243−0.1700.239Spearman test
 FRC (Z-score)0.0260.8560.1370.343Spearman test
Infant skin prick test positive−0.0510.727−0.1070.461Mann–Whitney U test
Infant bronchial biopsy
 RBM (mm)0.4060.0030.2010.162Spearman test
 Mast cells0.3780.0180.2280.163Spearman test
Symptoms during infancy
 Frequent wheeze0.3000.0340.1210.402Mann–Whitney U test
 Wheeze between colds0.1020.4820.1250.388Mann–Whitney U test
  • Bold denotes p<0.05.

  • * Purchase of inhaled budesonide or salbutamol during third year of life expressed in mg.

  • Z-test for Spearman correlation coefficient but, if one of the variables is dichotomous, the Mann–Whitney U test was used.

  • Abnormal LF defined as reduced LF (sGaw Z-score <−1.65).

  • FRC, functional residual capacity; RBM, reticular basement membrane; sGaw, specific airway conductance.