Table 2

Spearman correlations between findings and symptoms at 3 years of age and the purchase of asthma medication (n=50)

Findings at 3 yearsBudesonide mg*p ValueSalbutamol mg*p Value
Abnormal lung function0.1690.2910.1040.516
Skin prick test positive−0.2310.11−0.2540.079
Symptoms during third year of life
 Ongoing wheeze0.4610.0010.2920.04
 Ongoing cough/dyspnoea−0.060.6780.1160.422
 Ongoing airway symptoms0.513<0.0010.498<0.001
  • Bold denotes p<0.05.

  • * Purchase of inhaled budesonide or salbutamol during third year of life is expressed in mg.

  • Significance was tested by the Mann–Whitney U test.

  • Abnormal lung function at 3 years of age defined as respiratory resistance >1.65 SD of predicted or respiratory reactance <1.65 SD of predicted.