Table 1

Baseline characteristics

Number of individuals19 26023 893
Age in years (mean±SD)77.5±6.577.3±6.2
Follow-up in years (mean±SD)4.0±3.13.5±2.8
COPD hospitalisation in the year before t0 (%)2.72.6
Asthma hospitalisation in the year before t0 (%)3.41.6
Respiratory medications (mean±SD)
 β2 Agonists6.9±7.68.5±9.0
 Ipratropium bromide5.4±6.96.6±7.6
 Inhaled corticosteroids4.5±4.54.8±4.7
 Oral corticosteroids1.8±4.22.0±4.2
 Respiratory antibiotics1.7±2.21.9±2.6
Comorbidities (%)*
 Diabetes medications12.711
 Cardiovascular disease medications78.571.9
 CNS medications9.99.1
 Osteoporosis medications13.63.8
 Rheumatic drugs1.61.1
 Antidepressant drugs20.311.3
  • * The proportion of subjects with the comorbidity, as defined by medication classes dispensed in the year prior to cohort entry, is reported.