Table 2

Exacerbation characteristics (n=217)

Characteristic descriptionResults
Exacerbation frequency (per patient per year)1.8 (1.2)
Patients with
 1 exacerbation67 (56.3)
 2 exacerbations24 (20.2)
 3 exacerbations17 (14.3)
 4 or more exacerbations11 (9.2)
Exacerbation symptoms
 Increase in dyspnoea and sputum, change in sputum colour136 (32.7)
 Increase in dyspnoea and sputum30 (13.8)
 Increase in sputum and change in sputum colour19 (8.8)
 Increase in dyspnoea and change in sputum colour32 (14.7)
Exacerbation total recovery time, days14.0 (9.4)
Treated recovery time, days11.6 (7.9)
Exacerbations with unscheduled healthcare utilisation*
 Total107 (50.5)
 Unscheduled doctor visit70 (33.0)
 ER20 (9.4)
 ER + hospital admission17 (8.0)
  • Data are expressed as mean (SD) for continuous variables or number (%) for categorical variables.

  • * Five exacerbations were excluded due to missing data concerning the use of unscheduled healthcare services.

  • ER, emergency room.