Table 4

Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure from the mother as risk factor for asthma, ever wheeze and current wheeze in non-smokers at age 16–17 years expressed as adjusted ORs by multiple logistic regression analyses*

Independent variablesCategoriesDependent variables
Physician-diagnosed asthmaEver wheezeCurrent wheeze
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
In utero exposureNo111
Yes1.260.94 to 1.701.070.84 to 1.371.190.93 to 1.54
ETS at age 7/8No111
Yes1.421.07 to 1.871.271.02 to 1.591.210.95 to 1.54
ETS at age 16/17No111
Yes1.401.04 to 1.881.260.98 to 1.611.200.92 to 1.56
Continuous ETS exposureNo111
Yes1.511.07 to 2.141.431.07 to 1.921.230.90 to 1.67
  • * Other variables included in the models were sex, family history of asthma, current place of residence, house dampness and birth weight <2500 g. The variables regarding ETS from the mother were included one at a time.