Table 1

Asthma control end points, baseline and during SMART therapy

Rabe et al10Scicchitano et al11O'Byrne et al 12Rabe et al14Vogelmeier et al15Kuna et al21Bousquet et al19Weighted averages
N (SMART arm)3549479251107106710521151
Study duration6 months12 months12 months12 months12 months6 months6 monthsN/A
Symptom-free days (%)B: 29.6B: 9.8B: 23.1B: 9.2*NAB: 9.3B: 10.7B: 13.2
T: 55.1T: 41.7T: 54T: 40.3*T: 44.2T: 47.2T: 46.0
As-needed reliever use inhalations/day)B: 1.64B: 1.9B: 2.46B: 1.8B: 2.6B: 2.29B: 2.23B: 2.18
T: 1.04T: 0.90T: 1.01T: 1.02T: 0.59T: 1.02T: 0.95T: 0.92
Reliever-free days (%)B: 24.3B: 29.3B: 8.2B: N/ANAB: 8.9B: 10.3B: 14.7
T: 55.3T: 59.8T: 55T: 52T: 56T: 58.2T: 56.1
Nights with awakenings (%)B: 13.3B: 22.6B: 21.8B: 31.1NAB: 33.7B: 32.1B: 27.7
T: 6.5T: 9.4T: 9.0T: 14.1T: 14.1T: 12.0T: 11.5
Severe exacerbations (events/patient/year)
  • * 24-hour period.

  • For weeks 0–4 (during which morning and evening budesonide/formoterol doses were unchanged at two inhalations of 200/6).

  • B, baseline; T, treatment; NA, not available; N/A, not applicable; SMART, single maintenance and reliever therapy.