Table 2

Summary of clinical characteristics, test results and BAL fluid inflammatory indices between patients with cystic fibrosis with high pepsin levels and those with low levels

High pepsin (n=19)Low pepsin (n=12)p Value
Mean age (years)10.7310.070.79
Gender (M/F)13/67/50.53
Neutrophils (×106/ml BAL)5.522.610.15
BMI z score−0.94−0.70.66
FEV1 (% predicted)6368.40.73
BAL NE activity (nM)56370.29
PPI use6/19 (32%)3/12 (25%)0.69
pH probe performed5/19 (26%)1/12 (8%)0.21
Positive pH probe5/5 (100%)1/1 (100%)NS
Chronic P aeruginosa colonisation6/19 (32%)3/12 (25%)0.69
  • Differences in individual means were calculated by Student t test or Mann–Whitney U test for continuous data, and χ2 test for categorical data.

  • BAL, bronchoalveolar lavage; BMI, body mass index; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; NE, neutrophil elastase; NS, not significant; PPI, proton pump inhibitor.