Table 3

Point prevalence of unexplained iron deficiency in matched IPAH and CTEPH patients

Point prevalence of iron deficiencyCTEPHIPAH (including BMPR2 mutations)p Value (vs CTEPH)IPAH (excluding BMPR2 mutations)p Value (vs CTEPH)
All6/122 (4.9%)26/85 (30.1%)<0.000120/75 (26.7%)<0.0001
Premenopausal women2/26 (7.7%)13/26 (50.0%)0.00210/22 (45.5%)0.006
Postmenopausal women3/46 (6.5%)6/34 (14.3%)0.166/34 (14.3%)0.16
Men1/48 (2.1%)7/25 (28.0%)0.0024/19 (21.0%)0.02
IPAH+BMPR2 mutationsN/A6/10 (60.0%)*N/AN/AN/A
  • * Unable to calculate a p value as no comparable group of CTEPH patients with BMPR2 mutations.

  • BMPR2, bone morphogenetic protein receptor type 2; CTEPH, chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension; IPAH, idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension.