Table 3

Comparison of the nodule categories in UKLS and NELSON including the findings in 8309 nodules that tested negative in NELSON

Nodule characteristic n (%)
NELSONBenign<50 mm350–500 mm3Lung cancers on subsequent scan, n (%)
1395 (16.8)4861 (58.5)2053 (24.7)20 (0.24)
Equivalent UKLS categoriesCategory 1 plus <15 mm3Category 2 if >15–49 mm3UKLS category 3
  • The UKLS single screen design required some modification to the nodule classification in NELSON to include more nodules in category 2 (those 15–49 mm3) that were subject to further scanning. Please see table 2 for a full description of UKLS categories.

  • NELSON, NEderlands-Leuvens longkanker Screenings ONderzoek; UKLS, UK Lung Screen.