Table 1

Patient characteristics and laboratory diagnosis of adults hospitalised with influenza, 2007–2008 (n=754)

Patient characteristicsn (%)
Age ≥70 years454 (60.2)
Gender, male372 (49.3)
Nursing home residents141 (18.7)
Co-morbidity, any*456 (60.5)
Major co-morbidity (congestive heart failure, cerebrovascular, neoplastic, chronic liver and renal diseases, ischaemic heart diseases, diabetes mellitus and use of immunosuppressants)364 (48.3)
Chronic lung diseases (COPD, asthma, bronchiectasis and pulmonary fibrosis)166 (22.0)
Influenza A539 (71.5)
Influenza B215 (28.5)
Rapid diagnosis positive by IFA558 (74.0)
Rapid diagnosis positive by ICA74 (9.8)
Rapid diagnosis negative by IFA or ICA122 (16.2)
Positive virus culture667 (88.5)
Influenza A, subtype H3414 (76.8)
Influenza A, subtype H156 (10.4)
Subtyping results unavailable69 (12.8)
  • * Patients may have ≥1 co-morbid illness19 25 26. Data on influenza vaccination status were only available in 322 patients; among these, 21.4% had received influenza vaccines prior to the ‘flu’ seasons (similar to our previous report).19

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; ICA, immunochromatographic assay; IFA immunofluorescence assay.