Table 1

List of MedDRA system organ class (SOC) high-level group terms (HLGT) used for analysis of cardiovascular events, ischaemic cardiovascular events and stroke events, and list of cardiovascular medications included in the analysis

Cardiovascular events
  • Cardiac disorders (SOC)

    • Coronary artery disorders

    • Cardiac arrhythmias

    • Heart failures

    • Cardiac disorder signs and symptoms

    • Myocardial disorders

    • Cardiac valve disorders

    • Pericardial disorders

  • Nervous system disorders (SOC)

    • Central nervous system vascular disorders

  • Vascular disorders (SOC)

    • Arteriosclerosis, stenosis, vascular insufficiency and necrosis

    • Aneurysms and artery dissections

    • Embolism and thrombosis

Ischaemic events
  • Ischaemic coronary artery disorders

  • Coronary artery disorders NEC

  • Heart failures NEC

  • Right ventricular failures

  • Left ventricular failures

  • Cardiomyopathies

  • Pericardial disorders NEC

  • Non-infectious pericarditis

    Stroke events

  • Central nervous system vascular disorders (HLGT)

Cardiovascular medications
  • ACE inhibitors

  • Angiotensin II antagonists

  • Antihypertensives

  • Beta blockers

  • Calcium channel blockers

  • Antiarrythmics

  • Cardiac glycosides

  • Adrenergic and dopaminergic agents

  • Organic nitrates

  • NEC, not elsewhere classified.