Table 2

Demographic and clinical characteristics at enrolment and length of follow-up of subjects included in the six longitudinal spirometric patterns

Longitudinal spirometric patternsp Value*
Consistent normalRecurrent restrictiveInconsistent restrictiveRecurrent obstructiveInconsistent obstructiveMixed restrictive/obstructive
Mean±SD age (years)44±1762±1555±1760±1355±1764±11NA
Sex: % female59.176.869.438.759.367.0<0.001
Obesity: % with BMI ≥30 kg/m2 (n=1325)6.315.416.73.39.612.50.006
Ever smoking: % with ≥1 pack-year (n=1367)48.437.750.082.673.658.3<0.001
Physician-confirmed asthma: % positive (n=1366)6.410.34.833.513.021.7<0.001
Eosinophilia: % positive (n=1035)7.16.310.914.
Total serum IgE in IU/ml: geometric mean (n=1221)25.219.329.152.225.723.3<0.001
Mean±SD total follow-up (years)12±77±710±79±710±711±7<0.001
  • N=1368 unless otherwise specified.

  • No statistical pair comparisons were completed because of the number of groups.

  • * p Value for the comparison across the six groups after adjustment for age.