Table 2

30-Day clinical events after diagnosis and treatment for 591 normotensive patients with acute symptomatic PE

EventsPatients, n (%)
Complicated course*59 (10.0%)
All-cause death59 (10.0%)
PE-related death37 (6.3%)
Haemodynamic collapse18 (3.0%)
Major bleeding26 (4.4%)
Recurrent PE13 (2.2%)
  • * Defined as pulmonary embolism (PE)-related death, or haemodynamic collapse, or recurrent PE.

  • Defined as the use of at least one of the following: infusion of a catecholamine because of persistent arterial hypotension or shock; endotracheal intubation; cardiopulmonary resuscitation; and rescue thrombolysis, emergency surgical embolectomy or thrombus fragmentation by catheter.