Abstract P57 Table 1

Comparison of results achieved against targets set in the London TB Metrics

MetricMetric detailTargetAchieved
2Access: suspected pulmonary TB cases seen within 2 weeks of referral≥90%92.7%
3Diagnosis: confirmation of pulmonary TB by liquid culture≥65%63.2% (70.6% excluding foreign diagnoses)
4Diagnosis: sputum smear results available within one working day100%30.1% within 1 day, 61.8% within 2 days
5Risk assessment recorded≥90%94.5%
6Treatment completion rate≥85%84.9% (98.4% excluding transfers)
7Contact tracingAble to report activity and outcomeAchieved
8WorkforceOne TB nurse per 40 notifications per yearAchieved
9HIV testing offered≥80%94.5%